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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Catching Up Part Deux

oops here's Valentine's Day

Catching Up

OMG!!! Miss me??? I cannot believe it's been so long since I've updated.

When we last spoke I was knee-deep in Thanksgiving! Great success this year...30 for dinner (3 round tables of 10) A lot of fun new decor too. I reused the bails of hay from the "Haunted House" from Halloween & made & really cool bar & benches for outdoor seating. All the flowers & the mantel turned out really lovely too. Still love those mini pumpkins carved out with long tapers inserted on every surface...really makes the room GLOW! Another cool centerpiece for outdoors was a re-used seltzer bottle case with a tall Fountain Grass inside surrounded by moss! Oh, and bunches of marigolds everywhere...they do not make for good cutting flowers but big punches in different pots will keep for the day & look SPLENDID!

And OH! Christmas!! I did an artificial white snowy tree with red lights & red balls & ornaments that cast such a PINK glow it was the GAYEST tree ever or at least one that would be fitting for MALIBU BARBIE's DREAM HOUSE!!!

And before I knew it...VALENTINE's Day!! A small dinner al fresco @ Chez GayGardener.TIP #1 Save all your red fabric & bows & ornaments & angel/cherub decorations & reuse them again for VD TIP#2 or just head to the 99 Cents Store & buy all new ones! As I told my guests: " 99% of my Valentine's decorations came from the 99 Cents Store." Foil red hearts, hanging "mod" L-O-V-E mobiles, red velvet roses....really cute things! But they sell out fast! I'll have to start earlier next year!

So much more to tell but will have to do it in spurts...I'm working on ST. Paddy's Day and of course...OSCAR!!!!

And what's new with YOU????