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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dah Dah Dah Dumm

Is there an extra week in this month or what? Doesn’t it seem like October is going on forever & that Halloween should have been last weekend? Maybe like Christmas now we start planning for it & looking forward to it too early, say July 4th?

Anyway this Saturday is finally Halloween. And since it falls on a Saturday it’s likely to be a big blowout for many of us. That is if the wind doesn’t sweep the West Coast of the Country away first.

You know I love California; for all its faults. Fires, mudslides, traffic & droughts. It is a land of such extremes. It doesn’t rain for six months then you get six month’s worth of rain in a day! And oohhhh the winds!

It’s easy to forget you live in a desert. Then a scary wind will just pick up with no warning & you swear you’ll be carried along with it. I came home tonight to destruction. Picture frames blown off tabletops, papers from my desk scattered everywhere, vases tipped over, draperies askew. Saddest of all BEETHOVEN died!

He was kitschy & campy but I loved him. I found this old bust at a garage sale & proudly displayed him in my garden! (After I washed off all the gold 70’s paint!) In Spring his head would be crowned with jasmine & potato flowers like some “May King” Yea well all the king’s horses & all the king’s men (nor TheGayGardener) could put Ludwig back together again! Smashed into a million pieces thanks to these godawful winds! On the bright side, the skies will be clear tomorrow what with the smog having been swept away by these same destroyers! I’ll miss you Luddy!

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