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Monday, October 12, 2009

Nineteen and Counting

Ooh only nineteen days left til Halloween! And of course the rains have started in Los Angeles so I’ll be going as NOAH (again!) on Fright Night

Recycling is so chic right now, isn’t it? Here’s an idea…You know those dreadful dust gathering artificial plants you acquired sometime in the 80’s? That one in the powder room or other dark spot where you were sure no real plant would ever grow? Let’s recycle it (them?) shall we?
Just spray paint the whole dam thing black & viola you have a scary & fantastic Halloween centerpiece that you can haul out once a year & place a succulent or air fern in the powder room to replace the tacky fake one!

Another cool Halloween thing is to recycle those boxes of old photo negatives. Wrap a strip of the more dramatically contrasting ones around a votive candle. Not the “precious” ones of course; but those of folks you hardly know (or knew) or the ones that were too out of focus to actually print photos from. They’ll look very eerie once you light the tealights. This is also a fun décor item for your annual OSCAR PARTY too! It is after all a celebration of film!

Oh & Happy Columbus Day too! I once named my three goldfish: Nina, Pinta, & Santa Maria! I was a strange; yet historically aware child!

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