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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I am A Camera

I may not take the best photos but I do have the best equipment! No…I’m talking about my new camera the NIKON COOLPIX!

Splendid! Small & sleek with a beautiful & vivid screen & quite easy to use. Oh, & did I mention the thing “talks” to you? Not in a voice but it asks questions on the screen after you take the shot. Seriously. It displays the last photo, senses something may be amiss & asks:

1.” Did someone blink?”
2. “Shouldn’t the subject retouch their hair & makeup & try again?”
3. “Do we really want that dreadful overdone plaid sofa in the background?”

OK well only the first one is true but its still pretty cool.

But my very favorite thing is this:
When the battery is low in other cameras you get a message along the lines of: “Battery low” or “please recharge” or “battery life is x”

Not with this fancy baby! Instead the screen reads (very dramatically!)

Exhausted!!???? Like a hospitalized starlet after a booze & coke filled binge! Exhausted!!!!

This has got to be the gayest camera ever ( and it does come in some really fabulous colors!) I LOVE IT!

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