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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on FIRE

OMG!!! Los Angeles BURNING! I am sure you've seen the coverage of the myriad fires burning thought Southern CA this week! Just devastating. Thousands of acres burned, hundreds of homes destroyed, dozens more evacuated, 2 brave firefighters dead...just awful!

I am not making light of this but it almost seems Biblical! The state of California is completely bankrupt. It even had to send out IOUs for State tax refunds! We are witnessing the greatest migration OUT of the state (particularly Los Angeles County) than at any time since before WWII. And now Mother Nature weighs in with this horrific plague of hyper destructive fires....

I never "lead a witness" but I am wondering if God himself isn't just plain pissed off at the passage of PROP 8 & the hate that it enshrined in our State Constitution! I guess it could all be a coincidence!

The one odd effect of the fires that I have never seen before are the cloud formations. Over every hill & mountain in L.A. you can see these great sort of "stacked" clouds, dozens of stories high in the sky; that resemble the plumes of smoke after a rocket takes off at Cape Canaveral. But you soon sadly realize that despite their beauty these are signs of destruction & off trapped smoke & gasses piling high in the sky over a recently destroyed area of our beautiful city! Sad!


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