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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bruno Oh NO

Yea…I know that SASHA BARON COHEN is a genius! EVERYONE says so! Though I never did see BORAT, I did admire that chatreuse sling shot bathing suit! The thing is, I really do not like “confrontational humor” If the folks are not IN on the joke & somewhat aware they are being “played” I find it cruel & tiresome! Which may be the exact two adjectives I would use to some up SBC’s latest incarnation as BRUNO! Its cruel & its tiresome!

In the first 15 minutes we are subjected to a montage of what SBC’s believes are the sexual practices of gay men. Including; placing a fire extinguisher in the anus of his partner, using his partner as a “receptacle” from which to pour champagne, a SLING SHOT contraption that allows the “catcher” to fly across the room and be strategically placed directly upon the pitcher, a Nordic Trac crossed with a dildo that allows the partner to burn some calories while artificially pleasuring the partner; and we have not even gotten to the “talking penis” yet.

I do love Sasha. I just do not feel that this country is ready for, nor fully understands satire or the fact that SBC is or may be poking fun at “homophobia” and other limiting attitudes.

I think the overwhelming message that American audiences will take away from this film experience are:
*Gay people engage in vile, perverted, sexual practices.
*Gay people are Godless idiots obsessed with fashion & Celebrity.
*Gay people & African Americans have even less in common than previously believed & in fact are natural enemies
*Gay people think they are smarter than everybody else & love to “tweak the straights” at every opportunity.

I sadly “got” BORAT. Eastern Europeans with their funny accents, facial hair & cheesey clothes are nothing if not hilariously mockable! But BRUNO is just beyond the pale! I mainly watched the film through my fingers covering my face! It was that excrutiating! And when I did keep my eyes open, they were focused on the audience ( a very diverse & good looking one at the ARCLIGHT in Hollywood on Opening Night, including the previously mentioned. PEREZ HILTON!) And what I observed was a scandalized, horrified, uncomfortable, audience, nervously laughing through bit after trying bit, lest they seem un-cool enough not to be in on the joke!

The only consolation in this GAY PR Nightmare is that originally BRUNO had been slated to rake in an over $40 Million record breaking box office; this past weekend. However the final numbers show just over $30 Million & we all know how accurate Hollywood Bookkeeping can be (God rest your soul, ART BUCHWALD!) SO what I can surmise from all this math is that like me; many, many people went to see BRUNO on Friday, opening night! And they were so offended & horrified that they informed their friends & begged them NOT to go and so Saturday & Sunday’s Box office fell precipitously!

Thanks anyway, Sasha!



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