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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Perennial Disappointment

Oops I mean ANNUAL Disappointment! I’m referring to the lovely agapanthus a.k.a. “the lily of the Nile” Every home owner I know is just wild about this little specimen. And it does have it charms. Specifically right now. When in bloom, with its large, long stems crowned by lavender & purple & blue & white balls of flowers; it looks so lovely! Especially lots of them bordering the house or a garden bed or a pathway. But their season in the West can be rather brief; 6 weeks perhaps; likely much less.
And when not in flower the plants themselves; with their long, light green, frond-like leaves; are just not that interesting.

So if you like the idea of “Spring” or “seasons” & could spend the Winter waiting for your plants to bloom; then by all means go for these babies! But if you’re like many Angelenos & just want perpetual, perennial, beauty-on-demand…skip ‘em. Remember gardening is the only art form that absolutely require the cooperation of a Higher Power! As the old saying goes: “If you want to make God laugh…plant a garden!”

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