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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's A Long Way To Tipperary

Over a century after my paternal Grandparents; Charles Trearty & Hannah Friel sailed in steerage to America; I’m off to the homeland in the morning! Trearty became “Trainer” some point after Ellis Island. But hey Nana! I’m in FIRST CLASS & BUSINESS all the way to DUBLIN thank “Jumpin’ St. Jude!” (as she used to say when she was really pissed off!)

I won’t be seeing anything of Donegal or the Northern Coast where we are from, but AMERICAN had LA to Dublin on sale last month for $386 which is less than what a flight to New York usually runs, so I couldn’t say no!

And a few pints in the pub may be just what the Doctor ordered for this weary GayGardener as Spring takes its sweet time revealing itself here in Los Angeles! I'm imagining Hoisting a few with Colin Farrell, Bono, Pierce Brosnan & all the other famous Black Irish sons of Erin!

“Faith & Begorrah!" I’ll see you when I get back from “the other side” (which is how my family always mysteriously referred to Ireland…I surmise they meant the other side of the Atlantic…a cryptic lot my people!)

P.S. Speaking of Farrell, if you haven't seen the film, IN BRUGES, I beg you; go out & rent it Or buy it on dvd! Surely one of the best films of 2008! Great writing, terrific performances & beautiful scenery. It's really, really good!

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