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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Now He knows The Rest of the Story

PAUL HARVEY died today at the age of 90. Many of you kids will not know him nor his name. But in RADIO he was a legend. Radio was all that there was before TV, let alone the internet & people actually had one in their homes ,not just their cars. But they called it “the WIRELESS” which only confuses the issue more!

But in the old days, “broadcasters” like Mr. Harvey, did the news & special segments, & editorials & hell even the advertisements. And Paul Harvey was brilliant at all those jobs.
Blessed with a pure, strong, staccato voice he was an original! His “The Rest of The Story” segments are the stuff of legend. It was history told backward. He would engage you in a dramatic tale, rife with detail, building to a crescendo, without revealing the hero of the tale until the very end where one learned ...”the rest of the story”

I sat in my car just three weeks ago, riveted by another of Mr. Harvey’s tales, waiting to learn the identity of our hero (in this case it was BENEDICT ARNOLD) Thinking all the while, why are not all TEACHERS like this? History is so compelling, so dramatic, why can’t every teacher be this way where one is sitting on the edge of the seat, awaiting the outcome. But the answer to that question is there is only, was only, ONE PAUL HARVEY. And since he now must be in Heaven I would venture to say that surely he now KNOWS the Rest of the Story!!!!

One story that Mr. Harvey likely did not get to cover is The Hair Weave that Stopped a Bullet & Saved a Life!!! Thank God we have Youtube for that!!

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