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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Any given Saturday

Speaking of parenthood...
So I am at the TARGET in West Hollywood on Saturday.
I LOVE TARGET!! I just wish they'd let me hand then $100 on the way in & just choose what I wanted
Because despite prior vows; I always end up spending at least $100 every time; even if I have only gone shopping for one or two items!

Anyway it's early last Saturday. Around 9:30 am. I get in line with my purchases (including some terrific St Patrick's Day stuff-all priced at a DOLLAR!) I look to my left & see a typical LOS ANGELES guy in the line next to me. Short (like me!) Of a certain age (read: 60+) black leather town coat. DYED dark hair pulled back in the requisite pony tail. Looks somewhere between homelessness & infamy. Small child in tow. They pay for their purchases. As do I. As we're all leaving the child stops. Tugs at his crotch & says:"Daddy I have to pee!"" Cute. "Daddy" patiently says:"Well, let's go find the bathroom" NOW I Realize who it is. NOt just ANY seemingly homeless/disheveled person!! No. It's AL PACINO. Playing Dad to one half of the twins he had with the wonderful actress, BEVERLY D'ANGELO; before he summarily dumped her. It's a good role & Pacino played it with his usual understated truth. really. I wonder how much Michael Corleone forked over to TARGET that day?

P.S. While flying to Brazil last month I had the opportunity to watch a classic PACINO triumph: DOG DAY AFTERNOON. I really recommend it!! It stands the test of time. With one of the all time great supporting casts! Based on a true story, it really holds up! Get it on NETFLIX!

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