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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Can't Give you Anything But LOVE

HAPPY VALENTINE’S EVERYBODY!! Did you all have a nice day?
VALENTINE’S Day sucks… let’s face it. All of us have fantasies of love & romance born of HARLEQUIN; that no mere mortal can fulfill!

But I do have to say that I am so gay I can celebrate a HOLIDAY in 20 minutes with no prep time & very little expense!
Yea I worked all day but wanted to have a little HARRY CONNICK/CARLY SIMON/Billie HOLIDAY kind of evening nonetheless!
So I looked around & put together what I thought was a perfect romantic evening!:

* still a sucker for toile!! I just love this fabric! I’ve had this red & white mine one for quite a while & it made a lovely table cloth for a romantic dinner!
* candles make everything & everyone look 10 years younger & 20 lbs lighter!
*HELPFUL HINT: Put aside all of your RED & SILVER CHRISTMAS Decorations & use them for VALENTINE”S DAY. Including linens! Oh & Anything ANGELIC because they can all represent CUPID… the little LOVE God!!
*Also use your best & shiniest SILVER ( I especially love MERCURY GLASS) because it reflects the light of your candles so beautifully!
*Save all your RED candles & Votives from Christmas to use for Valentine’s Day.
*ANY flowers from your garden will do. I used an hydranges that I bought from TRADER JOE’S In JANUARY!
*opps I almost forgot but porcelain EGG CUPS make marvelous candle holders (votives or tea lights) as well as individual flower bud holders
*keeping with the silver/reflective theme…any fancy champagne or wine bucket on the table, will automatically CLASS up the place & add to the “reflective” quality of our dinner
*use your red napkins & linens from Christmas too!
*Italian FOOD is sooo sexy! I made a fabulous salad main course from arugla,marinated tomatoes & BURRATA Cheese (a whipped creamy mozzarella!) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

“Can’t Help Loving That Man O’ Mine”
Oh listen sister, I love that Mister Man o’mine
There ain’t no reason why I should love that man…
It must be somethin’ that the Angels done planned.

Fish gotta swin, birds gotta fly,
I gotta love one man til I die…can’t help loving that Man o’ Mine.
Tell me he’s lazy… tell me he’s slow
Tell me I’m CRAZY, maybe I KNOW! But I Can’t help loving that man o’ mine.
When he goes away….that’s a rainy day
But when he’s BACK that day is FINE….
The SUN will shine

He can come home. As late as can be…HOME without him…AIN’T no HOME to me…Can’t help loving that man o mine!!

You know…ALL we need is LOVE!!

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