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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Overheard Part III

As you all know; TheGayGardener lives at the very enviable corner of Genesee & Oakwood; just north of CBS Television City. Being so close to the studio where they shoot many episodes of AMERICAN IDOL, THE PRICE IS RIGHT, DANCING WITH THE STARS, BILL MAHER etc has its privileges!

One of those being; that simply by keeping the windows open on a hot summer day, I get to eavesdrop on fascinating conversations & overhear people talking on their phones! As before, unedited here is a sampling of snippets I have been able to glean in just the past month:

* “So what? You’re fuc**** BI NOW?”
“ I keep having the same nightmare; over & over again!”
“I didn’t care when you fuc*** around in MEXICO!”
“They oughta take your license away!”
“Are you in the middle of the PREGNANCY TEST? Is there a hand up you now?”
“No all hope is lost! No! He didn’t kill himself but he is in a persistant vegetative state & we’ll have o decide about pulling the plug!”

And after overhearing each of these statements TheGayGardener felt he has absolutely NO problems whatsoever!!!


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