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Monday, October 05, 2009

Suddenly Autumn


OMG!! Can you feel it? It’s fall already! You can practically smell the apple cider in the air…well its L.A. so maybe that’s just Sugar Free REDBULL I smell!?

Anyway, as the days grow shorter we all be spending less time outdoors in the garden now’s a good time to clean up, prune away & cut back. Roses should be given a last pruning & a good feeding before the very cold weather begins. Also a marvelous time to start an indoor windowsill herb garden so you’ll have plenty of rosemary & thyme for all your Holiday baking!

And speaking of Holidays… you can tell Halloween is here because all the stores have their CHRISTMAS Decorations on display! Ugh! In lieu of gardening tips, as is my custom; I’ll start to share with you the Halloween Happenings around thegaygardener home!

And the first tip as always is CANDY CORN!! Again, this stuff costs like $1 per truckload & there is no end to its decorative use. I like to fill all those cheap florists vases with this candy. I use various shapes & heights & fill to staggered depths. You can place votives in the candy filled vases or even flowers or plants (just use a separate container to hole the flowers & “hide’ that container with the candy.

Or if you’re cutting down on SWEETS make your own useful artificial Candy Corn. We gardeners always have an extra terra cotta pot (or 50) lying around. Just take one of those spongy paint applicators & paint a stripe of yellow, orange & white around the pot. Fill with some lovely Fall mums or any of your indoor plants. Do several of varying heights for a lovely display or centerpiece!

Here’s to a BOOtiful Autumn. (which in our modern vernacular now sounds a bit..dirty!

“Yea, I liked ROSEMARY’S BABY…I just like REAL babies more!”

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