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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oscar 2010

ugh! What a non event Oscar 2010 was! The show gets worse every year which I suppose is part of the fun!
But seriously can we all agree that CORAL LIPSTICK is just plain WRONG!!?!?!? Sandra Bullock looked terrific in that Marchessa dress but I was so distracted by her tragic lips I couldn't concentrate on anything else. Except for perhaps the sight of Sandy accepting an OSCAR for Best Actress for a role that can be summed up by:

"MAAAAKEL! Dooon't Yooooo DAIR LAAAAAAH toooo Maaaaayyyy!"

That crazy-white-lady-KANYE, that stupid matching of nominees & escorts like it was a PROM, BARBRA STREISAND giving it away that a WOMAN had won (though BIGELOW was brilliant & FLAWLESS!) ugh! Playing HELEN REDDY's "I Am Woman" after Bigelow won, J-Lo's dress appearing as if it was in the act of giving birth to another dress and so on!

It's o.k. even justified to be cheesey & campy but BORING should be a Capital Offense


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