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Monday, November 23, 2009

Third Floor: Ladies' Lingerie

You know why TheGayGardener Wants to just MOVE into the 99 Cents Store ; he loves it so much...because today I was there looking for Christmas Decorations. And the selection just keeps getting better (eg. lots of sequined items... trees, terrific over-sized balls, long glittery ice sycles etc.) I look across the aisle & see a lovely selection of BRAS

Oh not just any bras...but the "New York Elegance Line" In a fabulous HARVEST GOLD Color with a brown braided applique (Hello??? HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Couldn't be more timely!) Seriously you could find multiple sizes & they seemed; with my very limited knowledge, very well constructed

So I bought some Christmas balls, candles, a Thanksgiving flag, some really nice gift tags AND I coulda bought a BRA... all for 99 Cents!! Is this a great country or what?? What WOULD the Pilgrims think????

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At 3:18 AM, Anonymous Jim Valenti said...

That looks like Bard wire on those Bra's -- I'll take two !!


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