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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

How's the weather where u are? The sun has FINALLY Started to shine here in Southern California Thank God!
As gardeners we do have a lot riding on the weather!

Tuesday is Saint Patrick's Day & let's face it HE must have been a GARDENER! How else did he stoop & find that damn Shamrock with the three leaves in order to explain the Holy Trinity! And Yes! people, I KNOW St. Patrick was Italian! But he didn't achieve CELEBRITY until he moved to IRELAND!!

I have mentioned this before but to my Irish Catholic Family... St Patrick's Day was this blessed event after Christmas & before Easter that was truly a cause for celebration!!

We always had corned beef & cabbage (disgusting!) My Mom always made Irish Potatoes (which are really buttercream Easter Eggs but rolled in cinnamon instead of chocolate!) And my Dad & his brother; Uncle Andrew; always went to Mass & then took my beloved NANA out to lunch afterwards! My Father was Charles & his brother is Andrew...just like the ROYAL FAMILY!!! So there!

I can still see my Father dressing for Mass on St Paddy's Day in a grey suit & a green tie secured by this lovely golden shamrock with real "fake" emeralds tie clasp that I still covet!

St Paddy's (please do NOTE the Ds not the Ts!) is a great excuse for decorating, taking off work AND DRINKING!!! As my beloved Grandmother; HANNAH FRIEL TRAINER used to say: "If it wasn't for WHISKEY the IRSIH would rule the world!" Absolutely ignoring the fact of JFK of course!

As you know I like to REPURPOSE things and so I love little creamers & pitchers & butter dishes & any old ceramic piece!!
Here I found a lovely cream colored sugar bowl with handles & a great green ribbon & put ENGLISH (DAMN!) Ivy in it for display!
Also my BUSTY ITALIAN friend; BRUNO sports a SHAMROCK TIARA from the 99 Cents Store! And one of my faves....a Garden Gnome Leprechaun Candle holder just DEMANDS attention on this great CELTIC Feast!

Hope you all have a great day! And DRINK RESPONSIBLY! I myself. am off to THE OLD COUNTRY....MEXICO!! For some very much needed R & R!

And By The Way...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest MOTHER....MRS. TRAINER...who turns 68 on TUESDAY!!!! ANd yes you are correct...she'll SHOOT me if she discovers I told her real age on this FLOGGING thing I do all day!!
Love you Joanne!!!


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