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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"You've Been Served!"

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I do realize I'm not the only gay guy blogging about celebrities etc. And frankly, I think some of my "elders" do it better than me, or at least as well! ANDY TOWLE of is brilliant at gathering gay news, be it political or social & he's a terrific photographer (plus he's really HOT!)PINK IS THE NEW BLOG has the best celeb photos & seems like a really nice guy (though he's just moved to L.A. & has a few things to learn!) QUEERTY is a must read!! But I must admit, I never quite got PEREZ HILTON! I know the title is a clever play on words! And I also know that Perez's familiarity with celebs has been his downfall! But when I read his blog I just see cuntiness without cleverness, insults for the sake of insults, & none of it particularly well written! But having said that, I do feel sorry for PEREZ! Not only is he heavy & unattractive in a gay world that values neither of those qualities, but it seems the universe has been waiting to extract its further revenge against PEREZAnd Today was that day! Not only did PEREZ learn that VH1 had "Passed" on his show due to the fact that his only celebrity connection seemed to be with "song-writer", DIANE WARREN, but on this very same day PEREZ was "served with papers" for violating copyright laws! And the humiliating event was captured on tape while PEREZ was stuffing his face with an eclair at his "office": THE COFFEE BEAN in LARCHMONT
Big points for the classy way he handled it (by continuing to stuff the eclair in his mouth) And subtracted points for the "flannel" wardrobe of his process servers!
But none-the-less a sad day all around! Here's the tape courtesy of JOSSIP (another great blog!)

Congratulations to EMMITT SMITH for winning the DANCING WITH THE STARS competition!
I do love MARIO LOPEZ (especially given his recent NIP/TUCK turn!) but EMMITT played by the rules! While very other week, Mario was rightfully accused of some rule infraction! Rock on EMMITT!!

If you read GAWKER (& if you care about NEW YORK, how can you not?) you will learn that one of the new tragedies befalling the BIG APPLE is the possible breakup of the marriage of TINSLEY & TOPPER MORTIMER I so wish those were made-up names but alas, that is a real-life couple! (Pic above) Having recently spent time in NEW YORK I'm here to tell you....give me a self-involved celebrity any day of the week. These New York Society folks prove the axiom that "money doesn't buy CLASS!"

Thanks to the eagle-eyed fans of THEGAYGARDENER who spotted me on BRAVO'S AMERICA'S TOP CHEF!! Yes! That was CHARLIE, THEGAYGARDENER accompanying Comedy Legend, JENNIFER COOLIDGE to SOCIAL HOLLYWOOD for a fabulous luncheon prepared by the competing chefs! I will try to link my Prime-Time Debut for you to see but it may only be a clip from YOU-TUBE! I am a bit hesitant to point it out for I was (appropiately at my "TOP" Weight) & dressed in an unfortunate "seer-suker" jacket in the vain hope it might make me look thinner! But Jen looks terrific & that's all that counts!


At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Emmitt was great too, but I think what brought the title home for him was his great impression of MC Hammer's infamous Hammer Dance. I don't know who does it better: Hammer, Emmitt, or the MC Hammer turkey in this Thanksgiving e-card.

At 2:07 PM, Blogger Not so Single Guy said...

Cool blog. I think people that call themselves VG are usually not good looking at all though!


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