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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


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PAGE SIX is reporting that IVANA TRUMP may be on her way back to rehab! Her attendance at the CAROUSEL OF HOPE Ball in Los Angeles last week had many tongues wagging. She was practically carried in on the arms of friends & then left quickly in the arms of another friend. She could not even stand up straight. The best part is her "flack"'s denial:
Ivana's rep, Catherine Saxton, said, "Ivana just had a bit of a flu bug. Before she was in L.A., she had been in the Czech Republic, St. Tropez, Paris and Palm Beach and somewhere along the way picked up a flu bug. So, on that night, she took some NyQuil before heading to the ball. She went home in a friend's car."

I think you have to be a homo from another generation (mine!) to appreciate the fact that the caterer for the CRUISE/HOLMES Wedding in Italy on the 18th of this month is:
"ALONG CAME MARY" but this is actually a wonderful catering company who create beautiful & delicious events! AT least the food will be real!

You know it's a slow news day in Los Angeles whne the lead story on the 5 O'Clock News is "SHIRLEY TEMPLE BROKE HER ARM"

How come you are not watching THE CLASS??? Monday nights on CBS @ 8:30. This is one of the best new shows. It has all the hallmarks of FRIENDS but is even more diverse & interesting & DAMN FUNNY!! AND as an added bonus it co-stars BROADWAY LEGEND: JULIE HALSTON... one of the funniest women in show business! CHECK IT OUT!

Are you "dead-heading" your roses? If you clip the tired/spent buds you will see that you have new buds & new growth. This simple act keeps me in roses suitable for cutting, all the way through Christmas!

"This guy can lose elections he's NOT even in!"
"Kerry is very upset at the reaction to his statements" "He's Been walking around with a LONG FACE all day!"


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