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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm Queer, therefore I Craft!

Halloween Tip of The Day:
Take your prettiest plate or cake dish & assemble miniature pumpkins on it for a centerpiece. You don't have to limit yourself to pumpkins. Anything bright & orange will do. Mandarin Oranges work great or even peppers! The little Habanero orange ones are adorable & very Halloweeny.
Remember I told you about Candy Corn? It just screams HALLOWEEN!! Fill various size clear containers with the sweet stuff. Flower vases are perfect. Insert a white taper candle into the "corn" and you'll have a delightful table.

I just saw THE PRESTIGE starring HUGH JACKMAN & CHRISTIAN BALE. uuugghh. The reviews are very good but I didn't love it. It deals with an obsessive competition between 2 magicians. I call it "NIP/TUCK WITH TOP HATS" & that Hugh Jackman is so adorable but it does seem as if he's ready to break into song at any moment

So ANNA NICOLE Finally buried her son, Daniel & ACCESS HOLLYWOOD told us that her fashion designer friend created a lovely black mourning number for her to wear to the funeral!!??? This is how far we've sunk? There is now a "RED CARPET" surrounding a young grave??? The wedding was fake but hey ANNA! the Funeral was real!!!

DAVID LETTERMAN: "It's Fashion Week in New York, are you excited?? Yes? Then You're GAY!"


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