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Monday, October 16, 2006


So I'm leaving my facialist in Hollywood today (she's too far East to be noteworthy)& I see a crowd gathering in front of GRAUMAN'S CHINESE THEATRE.(I always think of LUCILLE BALL when I see Grauman's...I loved those "Lucy & Desi in Hollywood shows) I ask one of L.A.'s finest what was going on & he said that BRUCE WILLIS was getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Those stone stars must be expensive if they wait 20 years to give you one. I guess they want to be sure! Bruce does attract a crowd & brought some heavy hitters with him: BILLY BOB THORNTON, SYLVESTER STALLONE, DON JOHNSON, BEN AFFLECK. I left before the "Kabballah Krew" (Ashton & Demi) got there because I was late for the gym. Congrats Bruce! You can probably quite your day job now!

I'm reminded of a joke I heard BILL MAHR tell once:
"The republicans are always talking about the Gay Agenda! You know what the gay agenda is? 1)Starbucks 2)the Gym 3)the tanning salon"

TheGayGardener loves to entertain but cannot hold a candle to the lovely & hysterically funny, AMY SEDARIS. You may know her from "STRANGERS WITH CANDY" but Amy has a fabulous new book out called: "I Like You! Entertaining Under the Influence!"With all kinds of great tips & tasty recipes (Her Cheeseballs are legendary)
Amy's just like MARTHA STEWART. If Martha had a personality transplant. Amy is also the sister of the funniest writer alive: DAVID SEDARIS. If you've never read his book, NAKED; you don't know what you're missing. So much talent in one family. The Sedaris' are THE BARRYMORES of Comedy!

SIZE MATTERS: In another blow to Asian virility, CBS News is describing the recent nuclear bomb tested by Koreas's KIM JONG ILas "a relatively small device"!!


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