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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Shit From Shinola

ooohhhhh I get it.... former Congressman MARK FOLEY, 52, sends inappropriate emails to 16 year olds because some priest felt him up almost 40 years ago AND now there is some vast conspiracy in the gay secretarial pool in Congress that got together over BRUNCH & hatched a plan to protect FOLEY and to keep this information from the Speaker of the House, DENNIS HASTERT! Is anyone buying this shit?

Speaking of B.S I read in US WEEKLY that "...VINCE LEFT JEN" & if I read further I can learn how "Jen is coping". If I read about how Jen is coping once more, I'll scream! Listen up: This "engagement" never happened!!! Jen herself denied it! They're friends! Thats all they ever were & all they ever will be! TRUST THEGAYGARDENER! And Jen is coping as well as can be expected... for a millionairess actress living on the beach in Malibu sifting through offers for feature films!!

Congratulations to TORI SPELLING who is expecting! MEMO to hubby DEAN MCDERMOTT: Tori could give birth to sextuplets but you are still not going to see dime one from AARON SPELLING'S estate as long as CANDY lives!!!

Our thoughts are with CHARLIE's (original) ANGEL,"Jill Monroe", FARRAH FAWCETT who is battling cancer. God Bless you Farrah!!


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