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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Author! Author!

Apparently the Big Networks have been trying to convince us that the geniuses from BIG BROTHER & the Mental Giants from SURVIVOR (MENSA Tribe, anyone?) "fly without a net" i.e. every brilliant utterance from these bright reality TV Stars comes directly from the contestants themselves...there isn't really a script & so there aren't really any writers... therefore the networks are not obligated by any contracts with the WGA (Writer's Guild of America)& can pay whatever they wish. (What nut is smaller than "peanuts"??)

The WGA sees things a bit differently! And staged a protest today down Beverly Blvd.
Being a writer, I, of course, support the WGA, as did the many folks driving by & honking their horns. I think many of the FAIRFAX DISTRICT merchants would have too, had they understood what was going on. The fun for me was trying to explain to "Lena" from "Bella's Beauty" Salon & "Jae-ling" from "Fancy Nails" the concept of REALITY TV, PROTEST vs. STRIKE, & the Fable that you can actually make money from Writing! I felt like SALLY FIELD in NORMA RAE


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