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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

A dreary day in L.A town, ugh!

Sooo despite my vehement protest it looks like Jim (Closet-Case) McGreevey will be joining JOAN RIVERS on her new BRAVO gossip (!!) show
This from LOGO BLOGS:
Today, New York Post gossip maven Cindy Adams reports that she's heard from Joan Rivers, and it looks like (almost, kind of) that McGreevey's a "go" on the project. Adams reports that right now, the show it to be called Straight Talk (get it?) and that it’s being groomed for a January debut, and it would be a weekly series, following the Wednesday-night airings of Project Runway. Evidently, Rivers had to really coax McGreevey into considering doing the show. She called and called, and they even met up at Rivers’ apartment and got along like old girlfriends. So, as Rivers tells Cindy: “The deal is he's our current events expert but won't do every single show. This you can understand since being on cable means, if he's lucky, he'll get $40 a week."

So, it’s looking like McGreevey’s gonna have an even busier public life very soon. Watch out Lance & Reichen!

A speedy recovery to MICKEY HARGITAY (I heard him prayed for at Church on Sunday!)
This guy is the original American character. In addition to being a champion, world- class body builder He was married to JAYNE MANSFIELD and is the father of MARISKA HARGITAY pic above)If you ever get a chance to see the MOW: THE JAYNE MANSFIELD STORY starring (not kiddig!) LONI ANDERSON as Jayne & ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER as Mickey; its a hoot!!
TheJayneMansfield story
To top it all off, for years Mickey has owned & operated one of TheGayGardener's favorite nurseries in Hollywood Really great plants & garden decor at very reasonable prices!! MickeyHargitayPlants

Didn't you just KNOW that the ANNA NICOLE tragedy wouldn't be a simple case of a young life sadly ended before its time or an all-too-common OD story? Nope this is shaping up to be yet another installment in the soap opera that is Smith's life!
I wonder if the film rights have been optioned yet??


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