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Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day in NOLA

Just back from a wonderful weekend in New Orleans. I swear that if every man, woman & child in the U.S visited New Orleans for a weekend, spent some time eating in its world-class restaurants, shopping in its amazing antique shops or just taking in its beautiful homes & gardens, LA wouldn’t even need help from the feds. It’s such a special place, we as a people & a culture cannot afford to lose it.

I highly recommend staying in a wonderful B&B in the Garden District called, TERRELL HOUSE. Exactly the kind of place that Julia Sugerbaker & the DESIGNING WOMEN girls would have loved!

And if you’ve never checked out drag’s next great superstar, SHIRLEY Q LIQUOR click on this Youtube link & prepare to weep with laughter Shirley Q Liquor
Shirley Q rocked the quarter with 2 sold out shows at the Southern Decadence Festival…hilarious!

Scratch any old airport these days & you’re likely to find some celebrity. Especially since everybody’s equal in this post 09/11 world as we all stand barefooted, dehydrated & makeup-less in the cold glaring light of airport security clearance. Ran into “Oscar nominated” Actress, MARY MCDONNELL in the Southwest Airlines Phoenix to Los Angeles line (I was an “A” poor Mary a “B”) I still love her for her short-lived sit-com, HIGH SOCIETY which also starred Jean Smart as the duo bravely tried to replicate the magic of AB-FAB to no avail.

Hope you all had a restful weekend!

“One last caress…it’s time to dress for Fall!”
-Michel Legrand “The Summer of ‘42”


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