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Sunday, August 27, 2006

There's No People Like Show People!!!!


**Favorite Red Carpet Moment:
NANCY O'DELL Asking the oft-nominated-but never winning, Annette Benning if she'd like an Emmy to go with her OSCAR?? An incredulous Mrs. Warren Beatty responding, "You mean HIS Oscar?? RESEARCH much, Nancy?

**Favorite BALLSY "with a Capital B" Moment:
CONAN O'BRIEN'S game musical number mocking NBC as a parody of "Trouble" from The Music Man. You go "Conebone"

**Favorite NOSTALGIA Moment:
The ORIGINAL Charlie's Angels: Kate, Jackie & Farah in the Aaron Spelling Tribute
I LOVED these Women!!! And damn I think they look fabulous! I mean, theY're 180 yrs old between them.

**Favorite "Stole My Thunder" Moment:
I reeeallly wanted to write something about the CANDY vs. TORI feud because its the juciest Hollywood cat fight since Mamma Rose slugged it out with her daughter Gypsy! But they both seemed so genuinely moved at the A.S tribute my heart's not in it!

**Least Favorite Moment:
TONY SHALOUB winning (again!) for Monk! Heeeeeello!!! Can the three people who've seen this show explain this to me!

**Most Torturous Use of the English Language Moment:
STEPHEN COLLINS' speech in the Spelling Tribute where the actor actually called Mr. Spelling a "gentle mogul" who made "television that TASTED good!"

**Favorite "The Bitch is Back" Moment:
JOAN COLLINS literally shoving aside her partners; the above Mr. Collins & a bemused but shocked HEATHER LOCKLEAR

**Favorite Off-Camera Moment:
LESLIE JORDAN winning an EMMY for his terrific turn as "Beverly Leslie" on Will & Grace If you've never seen SORDID LIVES Starring Mr.Jordan & an amazing cast, do yourself a favor & rent it!

**Favorite Famous Quote I was reminded of more than once tonight:

"Whatever it was that this actress never had, she still hasn't got it!"

-Bosley Crowther on Loretta Young


At 8:43 PM, Anonymous oneillpdc said...

Has The Gay Gardener been to GayzOfOurLives? If you thought LA was superficial....

At 1:56 AM, Blogger thegaygardener said...

As one of the first men in the United States to undergo a BOTOX procedure (while still in his early 30's) Let ME be the judge of superficial!!


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