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Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto, We Hardly Knew Ye!!

Seems TOM CRUISE isn't the only wee celestial body in the galaxy to be dumped this week. The International Astronomical Union (I bet those dues are high!) meeting in Prague voted to demote PLUTO to a sub-category insultingly called "dwarf-planet" I guess because the word "midget" is not p.c. Apparently "size matters" even in the heavens.

Speaking of T.C. a friend sent me this cell phone pic saying that the Scientologists released a brain-washing gas called "Xenu27" over Los Angeles today in retaliation for Paramount's public dressing down of The Dianetic Apostle. But it looks like plain old L.A. smog to me!

If you don't have BBC America please call your cable operator today & get it! The Best show on Television is, without a doubt,FOOTBALLER'S WIVES The Photo above of BEN RICHARDS who plays Bruno Milligan is only the beginning. This show makes DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES look like dinner theatre.

I hear that a certain young starlet's summer romance might not even make it til Labor day, despite the fact that it appears to be made in (hamburger) heaven.
The trouble is that the starlet bats for the wrong team! Actually it's her lack of a "bat" that will prove to be the deal-breaker. What's a girl to do?

"I'm often glad that I'm not armed!" - MARGARET CHO


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