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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"A Head for business & a body for sin!"***

Woke up a little glum today & felt the desperate need to channel Dame Edna... so I went in search of some "glads" as the Dame would say! I found some but look what else I found...the lovely MELANIE GRIFFITH having lunch with 2 of her kids @ JOHNNY ROCKETS I gotta say, MEL looks great!! You cannot tell from these cell phone pics but NO ONE looks good in the hideous light of a high noon at THE GROVE...and yet she does! Thin, fit, and no swelling from any recent "procedures" She was nice to the staff & great with the kids. She actually even ate! OK not "An Original" JR burger just a salad, but still. I love the tattoo of "Antonio" on her arm! I tried to get a pic of that but she was with her kids & thats not cool!

***Spoken by "Tess McGill, played by MELANIE GRIFFITH in WORKING GIRL


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