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Saturday, August 12, 2006

"Hello Everybody! This is Mrs. Norman Maine!"***

Ok! So I like to be "fashionably late" to every party & that's why I am just now starting this blog! I mean I just stopped wearing my LANCE ARMSTRONG "Live Strong" yellow rubber bracelet yesterday. I've had my website for over 2 years now & have really loved it. Its been a great way to express myself from my little window on the world (Los Angeles) & correspond with so many wonderful gay folks, gardening enthusiasts, star-fuc****, and even my Mother who likes email "because its free!!"
But the drag of the website is that I can't even write "Zip" code, let alone html! So I've had to "rely on the kindess of strangers"...well, actually Peg R. my "web-girl" to translate what I write & then update the site. This whole process can take a month! And by this time your peonies have wilted & whatever new insight (or dirt) I have regarding "The Mad Mel In Malibu" affair are completely dated. So hence: this blog!
Please indulge me as I don; know how long it will take to get this "Off & Running" (I love "Sordid Lives!") But what I eventually would like to have is a place I can post every day that you could vivist & we can talk about gardening, celebrities, movies, relationships or whatever's on your mind!
Like Dr. Frasier Crane used to say: "I'm listening!"

Sweet Peas & Peace!

***Spoken by JUDY GARLAND in "A STAR IS BORN!"


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