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Thursday, August 17, 2006

An Open Letter to BRAVO & Joan Rivers:

Please, oh please, tell me that the rumors circling on "the internets" are not true! Surely a network like BRAVO, a pioneer in Gay Televison, & JOAN RIVERS who started out performing her act in coffee houses & gay clubs in New York would not be a party to the disastrous casting choices being reported on DEFAMER & PAGE SIX

I do love the idea of CAN WE DISH?Joan & a trio from my tribe sitting around gossiping sounds like a fun alternative to the now played-out,THE VIEW And, admittedly, I am just a tad bitter to have not been given the chance to audition; but putting that aside; you cannot seriously be considering hiring the former Governor of New Jersey, James McGreevey. While I applaud the courage it must have taken to finally come out of the clsoet after 47 years & 2 marriages, I abhor the lionizing of Mr. McGreevey as some sort of gay hero! He was NOT forced from office because he was gay (he never gave his constituents an opportunity to consider that) He was forced to resign because of a sordid scandal involving the unethical hiring of his then, shall we say, companion.
A younger Israeli gentleman who was put on the state payroll by the Governor as a "Homeland Security Terrorism Consultant" despite having no experience as such & who was not even a U.S. Citizen! The reason Mr. McGreevey came out when he did was to diffuse the extortion attempts being made by his younger paramour. Yes! It's an old story...but is there really such a dearth of talent out there that we need to make a celebrity out of this modern day Wilbur Mills ? I suggest having him on as a guest to plug his forthcoming book; but as a regular correspondent on a gossip show? Unseemly doesn't even begin to describe it.

And as for the idea of a Vice President of Programming auditioning for a show on his own network...?? Does the term "conflict of interest" mean nothing to you? Is ANDY COHEN even a member of AFTRA? I realize he's adorable but this stinks to high heaven!
And should you hire Andy for CAN WE DISH? Can I have his job as VP of Programming at BRAVO? I'm available


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