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Monday, August 21, 2006

Its The End of The World..." ***

Tired of "All JonBenet All the Time"? Queasy about the carnage in Iraq? Had it up to here with Hezbollah & Israel? Do what I do! Put Down That Mouse & Step away from the computer! Let your calls go to voicemail & Get Outside!! Take a walk, ride a bike, or do something creative! Get you hands dirty! Container gardening could not be easier all you need is a (duh!) container... a pot, a bucket, anything that can hold dirt & water (I know there's a joke here) some soil & a plant or a few seeds. Check out the 99 Cents Store. For $10 bucks you can re-create EDEN! Forget amusement parks, 99 Cents Stores are truly the happiest place on earth.

The little Zen tableau above costs around $50. The chest I redeemed from the dumpster (Dumpster Redeemer has a nice ring to it, no?) The Buddha was on sale @ Cost Plus & all the succulents came from, you guessed it, the 99 Cents Store. So if you immerse yourself in a little nursery project like this you'll soon forget all about Iran & their pesky nuclear testing or whatever 11 O'clock News Nightmare that's bringing you down, trust me.

My favorite quote of the day comes from Australian World Champion swimmer,
Ian Thorpe who has recently moved to California:

In a interview on FOXTEL TV Thorpe said that "although he moved to L.A to aviod media scrutiny and get some privacy, that hasn't happened, and paparazzi await his every move!"

Ian, bless your little Aussie heart, moving to Los Angeles to avoid media scrutiny is like moving to ITALY to avoid CARBS! But I for one am thrilled you're here.

Oh & is it awful to ask... would Whitney Houston really have been any worse off as one of Osama bin Laden's wives than she has been as MRS. BOBBY BROWN?

"Its the end of the world as we know it...& I feel Fine!" R.E.M


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