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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"One color, no more than two, no prints!"***

"But you can't just sit around 'Flogging' all day can you?" -Mrs. Trainer

A formidable woman my Mother...even if she gets some of the new, hipper words confused! Her children even call her Mrs Trainer! Of course I can't flog all day. To pay the rent I offer my services (!!) as TheGayGardener By Appointment. And let me tell you, I've performed so many landscape makeover miracles this summer I'm thinking of changing my name to "Charlie of Nazareth"! Happily my clients seem to really like my work (& the way I stretch their dollars!) Two of them just wrote a review for me on the Insider Pages which is sort of a "yellow pages written by friends". I'm re-doing a lovely balcony in Hollywood this week & as you can see the jeep is "loaded for bear!" (actually full of Bougainvillea)

Why do we give all notorious evil doers 3 names? Is it to distinguish them from anyone who might have a similar name? So any other John Karr(s) with a "k" won't be mistaken for the real freak, JOHN MARK KARR? Did it start with John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswald? I mean was there a Lee "Myron" Oswald in Dallas at the same time?
Just wondering...

On a much, much lighter note...Congratulations to Superman BRANDON ROUTH on his engagement to Courtney Ford. All those lonely nights of seperation while Brandon was in Australia with Bryan Singer & Kevin Spacey for 5 months filming the Warner Bros hit, with only the telephone to keep them connected (Those Qantas flights ARE Expensive!) have certainly paid off! Best Wishes to you both!

***Jackie Onassis's Wardobe philosophy as told to Oleg Cassini


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous DCHOYA said...

Mrs. Trainer!!! You mean "Joanne"?


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