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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Tax Man Cometh!

You've no doubt heard the term "swag" which refers to the unbelievable "goodie bags" that are given to celebrities during award shows or the bling that the stars chose themselves at gifting suites. The I.R.S last month determined that these items are taxable. And since some of these treats can run in the tens of thousands of dollars it can put quite a strain on the (FREE! PRADA!) Pocketbook of some of Hollywood personalities:

"I am feeling guiltily gluttonous", TIA CARRERE told The Los Angeles Times. "The big question on everybody's mind is, are we going to pay taxes? I probably shouldn't say this, it sounds so whiny, but we pay so much already, why should we pay more?

"My BIG question is not Ms. Carrere's tax liability but her actual source of income? Somebody remind me why she's famous, again??


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