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Friday, August 25, 2006

HOORAY FOR HOLLYW...oh, skip it!

Quick! name last year's Emmy winner for Best Actress in a Comedy? Bet you can't! I'd even have to look it up (Patricia Heaton, maybe??)It's not that I don't care about excellence in the performing arts, I do. But the arcane nominating system of The T.V Academy is so nonsensical & insane you almost expect Florida Rep. KATHERINE HARRIS to come out to the podium & declare the winner!

How else to explain the lack of a nomination for EDIE FALCO? She never hits a false note as Carmella! Or what about DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES nomination for Best COMEDY series last year? Thank God it didn't win & was not even nominated this year, but really, when was the last time you even chuckled at that show, let alone laughed out loud? Ever?

The big bruhaha this year is over ELLEN BURSTYN'S Nomination for her role in the HBO film, MRS.HARRIS. Want to know how small the part was? The character doesn't even have a name! She's simply "Ex-Lover #3"!! And some calculations have her screen time at under 3 minutes! If anyone can make magic in less than 3 minutes it's Ms. Burstyn! But this is likely a case of Emmy Voters (who ARE these people??? ) just scanning the ballot & choosing familiar names.

Since FOOTBALLER'S WIVES cannot be nominated, I'm rooting for GREY'S ANATOMY, that show just sucks you in! And it's worth it just to watch SANDRA OH. And though I am so happy to have the very funny JULIA LOUIS DREYFUS back on television, I hope that LISA KUDROW wins for THE COMEBACK. The show only lasted one season but LK's performance was scarily brilliant!

So of course I'll watch Sunday's show. And having been to the Emmy broadcast a few times let me tell you, it's so much better at home. The actual event is excrutiatingly watching paint dry!

All this reminds me of what my old friend, CHARLES NELSON REILLY used to say:

"Television is like a butterfly're sure that it happens but nobody actually sees it!"


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