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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"The Gays Have The Money!"

I overheard the above quote on a street in Hollywood today! I must say that I like the modifier "the" in front of "gays" that's so in vogue now. It gives us more of a protected true minority status, like "the Jews", "the blacks" etc.

Speaking of G-A-Y!!! Check out the pic from this week's National Enquirer!!! Oh brother!! Those are some "friendly skies" that JOHN TRAVOLTA flies in! Maybe this is some sort of official Scientology greeting between men & we shouldn't read too much into it! HAH! I have long heard that Scientology has a "treatment" for "curing" homosexuality & hence its popularity among certain actors in Hollywood. Looks like the cure didn't take!!
Did "The Boy in The Plastic Bubble" not realize it was transparent??


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