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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Tale of Two Katies

A Tale of Two Katies

“A” for effort Katie! I’m sure the numbers were huge for Katie Couric’s debut as the anchor of the CBS Evening News
And gee! It was good to see ya! You know I’m your biggest fan (see archived gossip pages at ) but I do have a few notes:

RELAX! I know it was your "first time" but you've done this before (sorta!)
BLINK! Some mean wag said it was your Botox but I think it was nerves that gave
that gave you that wide-eyed look.
SLOW DOWN! Or do fewer stories. You were racing so fast I thought that the late
Crocodile Hunter was being named Head of the FORD Motor Co.
MOVE! That in-studio interview with The New York Times writer was awkward& confusing. You were wearing the same clothes, but the interview was
taped. The reporter was leaning in so far toward you, I feared he would
fall! Go back to sitting on the left-hand side as you did on TODAY! or
better yet, do the interviews at the Anchor desk
FIRE! your stylist!! You looked sloppy in the opening shot because that jacket
was ill-fitting & gaping AND WHITE??? After Labor Day??? And that lipgloss
made you look like you had a touch of Bells' palsey.
You deserve better & CBS can afford it!

Loved: The Set, The "Suri Photos" Scoop & You! Welcome Back!

Speaking of the VANITY FAIR Suri Cruise Photos… sadly, I think they’ll only fan the freaky flames (!!) of the Tom Cruise/Kate(formerly Katie!) Holmes Circus Act. The kid looks older than 4 months, extremely ASIAN, and radically different from photo to photo…ugh!


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