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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Every Word is "TRU"!

As unlikely as it seems, yet another film about TRUMAN CAPOTE is heading to theaters!
This one called INFAMOUS stars a very brave TOBY JONES following in the OSCAR winning footsteps of PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN. The one exciting (???) difference is that this film addresses Tru's relationship with his "swans". These were his coterie of fabulous New York socialites & jet-setting society ladies. This is a huge risk as the actresses playing these roles are bound to be compared to the actual women & found wanting. There is a photo by Sheila Metzner in this month's VANITY FAIR showing Toby as Truman with SIGOURNEY WEAVER as Babe Paley, HOPE DAVIS as (Lady) Slim Keith & ISABELLA ROSSELLINI as Marella Agnelli. Just compare the pic of the real Babe Paley with the one of Sigourney. That dress makes her look as if she's trying out for the FULLBACK position for The OAKLAND RAIDERS. She looks shockingly like JESSICA WALTER from ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT too! I do NOT have high hopes!

I really have to give TheGayGardener's BIGBALLS Award to TUCKER CARLSON! I do not know what posessed this political pundit & journalist to appear on DANCING WITH THE STARS
but even if it is a public career suicide The guy has guts! Having just watched the show I really hope he makes it to the next round! Sitting down on a chair while your more talented dancing partner prances around you is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but he did finally get up & attempt some sort of moves!

Speaking of VANITY FAIR this is one of those months where you can actually read it cover to cover. There's a great article on Katherine Hepburn & (bisexual!!??) SPENCER TRACEY. Pick it up!! There's some un-married celebrity couple & their Asian baby on the cover...I forget their names.


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