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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

' Mo From N.O.

Just got these pics back from my Labor day trip to New Orleans. I still cannot say enough good things about this fabled city. You MUST go! In addition to the frivolity of "the quarter" the landscaping of the lovely homes there is stunning! You would never know the destructive KATRINA ever came near these places! Perfect place to be GAY and a GARDENER!!

Love the shot of the fabulous SHIRLEY Q. LIQUOR Keep an eye out for this gal she's going to be HUGE! (no pun intended!)

Ran into the beautiful & hilarious JENNIFER COOLIDGE star of the hysterical BEST IN SHOW and the upcoming For Your Consideration! God knows who I was calling on that cell phone. Clearly I been touched by a "hurricane" or two & that water retention problem I'm having continues unabated!


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