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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Where Were You?

Today marks 5 years since the tragedy of September 11th. I'm sure every American can tell you where they were when they heard the awful news. It was before dawn here in Los Angeles when my phone rang. One of my co-workers was telling me to put on the T.V. we had just been attacked! I was sure she was over-reacting. But when I put on the TODAY show to see a 2nd plane crash into the 2nd tower of The World Trade Center I knew nothing would ever be the same. Before I was TheGayGardener I was director of a cosmetics company in Beverly Hills. So I began to pray aloud & headed for work, sure in the knowledge that the world was ending, but that at least I would die in Beverly Hills. Thankfully, as we know, there were no further attacks. I knew my days at the makeup company were numbered when my boss (Estee'Lauder meets Cruella Deville) insisted on being one of the very few companies or stores to remain open. Not only that, but we had a screaming match on the street after she told me she was going to have her "hair done" at a nearby salon. When she asked me what exactly I thought was wrong with that? I responded that I was "quite sure that when the Japanese were bombing Pearl Harbor, my Grandmother wasn't having a blow-out!!"
HOLLYWOOD is NOT like anyplace else!
May God grant eternal rest to all those poor souls who died that awful day. And may He give peace & joy & love & long lives to all those heroes, sung & unsung, who risked their lives for all of us!

While we remember 9/11, the studios would like to forget this past weeknd's box office which was the worst in three years. I did not see THE COVENANT which was not available to critics for pre-screening (ALWAYS a bad sign!) I did see HOLLYWOODLANDwhich came in #2 I did enjoy it for its "noir" atmosphere but thought it overly long (at 2+ hours) and rather self reverential about such a thin, if mostly true, Hollywood story. I would recommend it for the terrific performances by BEN AFFLECK who won Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival & the always interesting & lovely, DIANE LANE

I don't know whats up with this as I ususally don't follow auto trends. But if driving around Hollywood is any indication, this is going to be THE CAR TO HAVE!(See pic above)
Leaving a party on Sunset Blvd last month I noticed this cool Toyota SUV. Since then, I have seen on average 10 per day in various Los Angeles locations & in multiple colors. I love it!!!


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