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Thursday, September 14, 2006


The big story here in L.A today is the announcement of a new book by ANTHONY PELICANO associate PAUL BARESSI This is the ultimate tell all by a guy who really knows where all the bodies are buried in this town. One of the jucier bits leaking out(!!) tells the tale of TOM CRUISE's alleged love of wrestling with a...well, let the gentleman known as BIG RED tell you exactly what it is he does:

RED: I am self-employed. I work as an actor, a porn star and escort, a massage therapist and I do bartending and sometimes dancing and stripping in shows. I travel quite a bit, as an escort, around the world, and I do floral arrangements.

Is that not priceless!? I now see where I so tragically went wrong! I should have specialized in "floral arrangements" NOT Gardening!

Anyway... Check out this link to read more about it & see a photo of BIG RED
He does bear a resemblence to a certain OSCAR winning actress though, doesn't he?
Also read about the other stars he's done "floral arrangements" for!!
Hollywood Interrupted


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