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Monday, October 02, 2006


I know E-coli isn't funny But I think the dire warnings on those bags of mixed greens are ridiculous! First of all the problem is not spinach itself but the irrigation methods used.If the irrigation water is contaminated, or if there is a flood (which is likely what happened in these cases) it makes no difference if it's spinach, endive, or plain old iceberg you're gonna get sick. The only thing to do, I surmise, is to not eat packaged greens, wash all produce really well, or just heat it a bit & make a trendy salad of "wilted greens"!

Seeems KARL LAGERFELD is very upset about a new biography of him called THE BEAUTIFUL FALL by Alicia Drake Oh, he's not concerned about the stories of cat fights between he & YVES ST.LAURENT over the same boy(s) no! Ms. Drake has the temerity to accuse the man who saved the House of CHANEL, of glamorizing his childhood in Germany. Monsieur Lagerfelt admits to being many things, but is adamant that he was "NEVER MIDDLE CLASS!

PAGE SIX reports that the residents of PALM BEACH are in a snit! No, not about their Congressman MARK FOLEY'S pedophile problem...something much more serious! Apparently STARBUCKS was given approval to open a store there by the City Council. However many residents are up in (tan, leathery) arms about the prospect .
"A common, airport franchise on our beautiful, expensive, exclusive, WORTH AVENUE??"
Hmmmm her initials are L.H. reminds me of another L.H....I know!...LOVEY HOWELL

Am I too old or is DANE COOK just NOT funny?? His hosting of the premier of the new season of SNL was a late night cringe fest. I mean a whole comic riff on suicide?? RICHARD PRYOR, he ain't! A quote from a character in a scene with Mr Cook, played by SNL castmember,WILL FORTE, sums it all up:
"They're only going to use the funny parts and that ended a long time ago!"


At 6:08 PM, Anonymous dchoya said...

Congressman Foley is not a pedophile for sending suggestive emails to a minor. A pedophile engages in sexual acts with a minor.


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