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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

T.O. O.D.? N.O.!

I just wanted to see what it felt like to be a headline writer for THE NEW YORK POST
I can't wait to see what they do with the Terrel Owens over-dose story!

Hey KATIE COURIC You're still not listening to me, darlin' Yes, you fired your makeup artist like I told you... but what's up with the hair? Still trying for the "serious jouranlist" look? OK fine, but at least get a diferent wardrobe stylist Almost all your on-air ensemble has been awful That black turtle-neck with the charcoal blazer tonight was fine But if the jacket doesn't fit (AGAIN!!!) Then don't button it! At least the new set is terrific! Thank God you're not still on the TODAY show! Their new set looks like "GOOD MORNING TOPEKA!" or a Doctor's office waiting room in a double-wide trailer! You have to see it to believe it! Maybe they had to pay MEREDITH VIERA so much they had no $$ left for a set!??

Speaking of truly awful hair...ELLEN DEGENERES! I do love Ellen, but she's just returned from summer vacation looking like a kid who had a run-in at camp with the "CRAFT SCISSORS" Sad, just sad!

But not as sad as the tawdry drama surrounding Anna Nicole Smith! Now there is a battle over the paternity of her newborn baby girl, Danilynn. Former photgrapher boyfriend, LARRY BIRKHEAD, says the baby is his, while a very-out-of-it HOWARD K STERN ANS's attorney claimed on LARRY KING LIVE! that the child is his! Birkhead has demanded a paternity test!
This story is FAR from over!

Am I the only one who had to look away from STEVE IRWIN's Widow, Terri's, interview with BARBARA WALTERS?? I'm so sorry she "lost her prince!" really I am, but she's not JACKIE KENNEDY for Christ's sake! After the Irwin's daughter, BINDY SUE's moving & upbeat eulogy of her dad at last weeks public memorial we should have just left it alone!


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