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Monday, September 25, 2006

89 Shopping Days til Christmas!!

Doesn't THAT just make your day??

It seems my beloved mentor, MARTHA STEWART feels a bit threatened by that "Oprah-Upstart, RACHAEL RAY. There's been so much buzz about RR that Martha allegedly sent spies to a taping of Rachael's show! However Rachael's audience coordinator used to work for Martha (is it even possible to ever leave Ms Stewart's employ?) recognized the treacherous pair & had them REMOVED from the audience. The explanation being that they had given false names & had to be removed for security reasons! Damn! I love this crap! I do like RR's new show but think she should stick to cooking she's not REALLY a lifestyle guru like Martha (& me)

And you know what?... speaking of TV, I've changed my mond & I'm not even going to give that STUDIO 60 On The Sunset Strip show another shot.Now that I think about it even the title is one in Los Angeles ever says "the Strip" anymore. Life is too short to waste watching things that aren't really entertaining or edifying somehow Or at least full of "eye candy" which S60 is decidedly NOT!

I've mentioned this before but forget OSCAR, EMMY, TONY etc the real reward for an actress is to have a ROSE named after her. And there are beautiful specimens named for WHOPPI GOLDBERG, DOLLY PARTON, AMY GRANT, JUDY GARLAND (see pic of my very own JG Bush (!!!) its yellow with orange trim & gorgeous! Usually the developing nursery will inform the performer that a new hybrid has been created & would they like to be so honored! BARBRA STREISAND of course is the exception She had to be "involved" in the process from start to finish & had to try the various seedling samples in her own garden! The result is a purplish-mauve flower that hardly seems worth all the drama Some people just wouldn't feel alive if they were always being a complete pain in the ass!


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