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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Runaway Train Wreck

Don’t you love Autumn? I read the other day that people are now spending more on Halloween Decorations than Christmas…unbelievable! Here’s a hint from TheGayGardener: CANDY CORN!!! It sums up the whole holiday. Fill any clear container or that flower vase you never use, with the tri-color sweet stuff & instant holiday! I like to fill varied sized glass vases with candy corn & then insert a votive candle. Place down the center of a table or mantle…beautiful!! Cheap & easy & it takes 10 seconds!! Try it.

Sooo that “Runaway Bride”, Jennifer Willbanks is suing her former fiance’. Seems she would like half of the monies earned (?) by his selling their story to a tabloid for $500,000 AND she’d like the return of a “gold couch” and the wedding shower gifts!
Jenny, Darling! Have you ever even read EMILY POST??? If the wedding does NOT take place you have to RETURN those gifts to the giver!! And you might want to consider re-imbursing your hometown of Deluth, Georgia, for the monies they spent in Police, FBI, & other law enforcement while they were searching for your crazy ass! Oh You can keep that nasty Mexican blanket that you covered your head in when they finally found you in New Mexico! As for that gold couch…sweetie you can have that too!

Seems the neighbors of the DR. PHIL House have succeeded in closing it down! TMZ is reporting that the folks surrounding the Mid-Wilshire property have succeeded in getting rid of the “crack addicts” & other dysfunctional folks who live in the house while waiting for Dr Phil (or wife Robin, or son Jordan, or other son whose name I don't know because he is the only one in the family to NOT write a book yet) to cure their ills. If only it were this easy to rid the airwaves (& the clearance bin & Barnes & Noble) of the good Doctor!!

Here’s a great quote from ROBIN WILLIAMS on the reason behind his recent stint in rehab:

“I was violating my standards faster than I could lower them!!


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