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Monday, October 09, 2006

"Wilford Brimley Your Come-back is Calling!"

AND at $30 an hour hour too!!!!! Here are the details from Craigslist
Yes! The very rich are very different!:

Reply to:
Date: 2006-10-06, 3:07PM

We are casting for the following roles for a children’s charity fundraiser at a private home in Bel-Air. The theme of the party is “A Christmas Carol” and it is being orchestrated on a GRAND scale. There will be six inches of real snow brought in that morning and we are pulling out all the stops to turn a large estate into 19th century England in the winter. To make the scene as authentic as possible, we are looking to cast the following “characters”:

SANTA CLAUS – 60s, typical Santa Claus physique, must be willing to read dialogue as well as banter with the children – a real white beard would be great, but we can provide a fake one if need be.

EBENEZER SCROOGE – 50s or 60s – The classic curmudgeon from Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. We will have a whole scene set up on the grounds where Scrooge will have his own little “stage” to yell “Bah Humbug” at the kids.

ARTFUL DODGER/STREET URCHIN – 18 or older to play younger. The Artful Dodger is the Cockney from the musical “Oliver!”. He is a streetsmart pickpocket with tons of charm.

CHIMNEYSWEEP – 20s to 30s – Think Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins. Likable and fun.

NEWSIES – 18 or older to play younger – Two newsboys who will be standing in our “Town Square” with stacks of newspapers shouting “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” and stuff like that.

BOBBY – English policeman. Might have to chase around the Artful Dodger accusing him of picking someone’s pocket.

CHARLES DICKENS – 50s – Distinguished-looking man who will read excepts from “A Christmas Carol” to the kids.

Meals, costumes and a very short script will be provided. The party is to take place on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2nd, starting at 2pm. There is a party for the adults later in the evening that we may ask some of the characters to stay for, but there will be at least four hours pay (at $30 an hour) for all characters. Please understand that this is a charity event and we cannot afford to pay more. This party is going to be a SPECTACLE and many influential Hollywood executives and actors will be in attendance. It will be fun to experience, especially as part of the scenery!

Please email a headshot and resume and we will call you to schedule a meeting!


Did you catch 60 Minutes last night? If there is no such thing as bad publicity then HP has hit the motherlode. My favorite thing was LESLIE STAHL reading a list of adjectives that had been used to describe her to CARLY FIORINA Here's the list:

too flashy
too controlling
marketing fluff
publicity hound
imperious & vindictive

Poor Carly! Hope those muli-millions in compensation & severance take the sting out of some of these barbs! Many aren't even insults, I mean, "diamond-studded"?

Los Angeles can be a verbal mine-field too! In Hollywood:
"I love you" means "Fu** you"
"Fu** You" means "I'm annoyed, but I'll get over it!"
"Let's Get Together Soon" means "I don't care if I ever see you again!"


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