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Friday, October 13, 2006

Extreme Makeover Edition

You Gotta Love GAWKER! If you live in New York I don't see how you can live without it! These photos supplied my laugh for today! It seems Andrea Peyser a colomnist for the NEW YORK POST objected to the photo used by GAWKER in a story dealing with "Andi's" criticism of MADONNA for adopting an African baby. So,the day after the GAWKER story ran, Andi sent the second, more attractive photo. Are these even pictures of the same woman??? As if!

OK! Sometimes THE NEW YORK TIMES actually has articles that are interesting & don't require an advanced degree to decipher. Today's edition has a fascinating article on PETER BACANOVIC...MARTHA STEWART's Broker who went to jail. Peter is still quite bitter (a bitter gay guy??? NOOOOOOOOOO!) and refuses to even refer to MARTHA by name, instead calling her his "co-defendant"!!! delicious!

I actually witnessed an event today in Los Angeles that I still cannot get out of my mind! A young woman was crossing an intersection by the celebrity-filled THE GROVE shopping mall. The notable thing was that she was crossing against the light, oblivious to all her surroundings, because she was "TEXTING" She never even looked up as she crossed the intersection, but kept texting away. The miracle is she wasn't killed. The shocking thing was; no one so much as beeped their horn at her! But patiently waited for her to cross the intersection!! I guess all the waiting drivers felt: "There but for the Grace of God!"


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