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Thursday, October 12, 2006

"Man Boobs"

God! Is there a grosser term than this?? Maybe I'm sensitive for fear I may possess them (which is why I wear a "wife-beater" under my shirts) I think we can thank AMERICAN IDOL's SIMON COWELL for this contribution to culture as well; because the first time I heard this expression it was in reference to him. But leave it to THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER to sqeeze every last ounce out of a good thing. Now we have actual photgraphic evidence of TOM CRUISE'S "Man Boobs Problem" I almost feel sorry for him. "From TomKAT to TomFAT" indeed!

This is a very tricky time for "tabletop"... After Labor Day but before Halloween & the Holidays begin. "What's a gay to do???" Well just remember that roses past Septemeber are just pretenious, regardless of where you live. Try to find some great succulents, grassses, or other flowers native to your zone. Just look around & see what's actually still growing in your yard or what the local nursery is featuring!

Memo To KATIE COURIC: Dammit!! You've really hit your stride & now your numbers are down! I think you get better with every newscast! And you look great! At least your demographic is good. That is no small thing!


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