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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Here Come The Grooms

I’m not exactly clear on today’s New Jersey Supreme Court ruling (no one is) but it appears that boys (& girls) like me will soon be able to marry one another in “The (Gay) Garden State” Yea! I think I’ll register at Smith & Hawken, have a simple ceremony in say, Princeton then head over to Africa & buy a baby ! I’m going to choose a true orphan though. Those pesky birth parents can be such a pain.

Speaking of MADONNA, did you see her on Oprah today? Jesus!
Is Kaballah Hebrew for “self-important, petulant, fake-accented entertainer”? Madge! You’re a perfomer! Just shut up & sing! ANGELINA JOLIE managed to get 2 kids without such a fuss
Get off the cross!

In other groom news U.S.A.Today is reporting that Tom & Katie’s upcoming nuptials will be a “blend of Scientology & Catholicism
What the hell does that mean? Is the Pope going to arrive by spaceship to officiate at the ceremony? There’s not a priest alive who would sign off on this. Not even that freak who diddled MARK FOLEY all those years ago.
DAVID LETTERMAN on The TomKat Italian Wedding:
“I hear its going to take place at The Leaning Tower of Publicity!”

If you’re planting “sweet peas” right now (& I hope you are) remember to soak the seeds overnight. This will speed growth as well as make the little buggers easier to see in the soil as you plant.


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