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Monday, October 30, 2006


Word is that the cancellation of the troubled AARRON SORKIN NBC series STUDIO 60 is imminent. I can't believe it's lasted this long. So smug, so self-important: "look at us! Aren't we smart? Aren't we funny?" With no evidence to support those claims!

Speaking of cancellations the 7 year marriage of REESE WITHERSPOON & RYAN PHILLIPE is over. Sad, because of the kids but you know what they say? "Win an OSCAR...lose a husband!" Just ask HILLARY SWANK or HALLE BERRY or even KIM BASSINGER; whose ugly divorce/custody battle is still going on with ex ALEC BALDWIN

THE ATLANTIC Magazine really put on a swell party at the gorgeous SAN FRANCISCO MUSEUM of MODERN ART in celebration of their 150th Anniversary. Fabulous food and a terrific presentation of "toasts" from many varied, historic & literary figures. Virtually every bright light in The American Canon has written for THE ATLANTIC.

Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN Thank God! If I eat one more piece of Candy Corn I'll be in a diabetic coma. One last tip (courtesy of BETTER HOMES & GARDENS: Take an old umbrella (broken is fine) remove the fabric & string some of that damn spider "webbing" through the spokes. Add plastic bugs & some votive candles (I used black feathers for a more glamorous version)tie a rope loop around handle & hang from ceiling on a cup hook. (Be careful if using real candles...the battery operated ones are better) This will make a great spooky greeting to the trick-or-treaters in your foyer!


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