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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


As the blogs are calling the "artist" (?) formerly known as "K-Fed" or Mr.BRITNEY SPEARS, KEVIN FEDERLINE. The sweetest part of the only just beginning divorce battle is that Brit informed Fed of her intentions via a TEXT MESSAGE! AND...while he was doing an on camera interview. He is visibly shaken when he gets the IM & excuses himself from the interview. Witness the exact moment when a quasi-celebrity realizes his 15 minutes of fame are up!

But this clip shows the real reason the marriage even lasted as long as it did:

Of course Fed-Ex has already filed for spousal support & sole custody of the kids
He'll try to paint Brit as a bad mother. Unfortunately, there are those incidents where Brit was driving with the kid in her lap & some "tattling Nanny tale" of Brit dropping the kid! But still! Thank God there's a pre-nup!

Is it just me or do CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS just get GAYER every year?
Check out the TARGET Collection! I love it!

"How perfect is it that an Italian mother is now in charge of the HOUSE?"


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