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Friday, November 03, 2006

Nic o' Time

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Thanks to all of you & your referrals to "The Gay Gardener By Appointment". I've scheduled several exciting new jobs. I'll be "busier than a lesbian in a hardware store" as GEORGE CARLIN used to say!

Can SOMEONE please save NICOLE RICHIE? She's so out of control the rumor is she escaped from "Retching Rehab" (Eating disorder treatment center) weighs less than ever & may be back on "the smack" Where the hell is Daddy, LIONEL??

Speaking of Nicoles & drugs the lovely NICOLE-KIDMAN-CRUISE-URBAN is allegedly trying to annul her month's-old marriage to crooner hubby, KEITH URBAN who is currently in rehab for substance abuse. Ms Kidman has a zero tolerance policy regarding drugs & wants OUT! In a related matter I think her BOTOX has relaxed nicely and she no longer looks so very suprised all the time.

Big GAY Bru-ha-ha with former DOOGIE HOWSER, M.D. star, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS
In response to a blog story about NPH & his boyfriend, the star's publicist issued a denial saying Neil "is not of that persuasion" HELLLLOOOO? First of all is his publicist his Grandmother? I mean who even talks like this anymore? "Persuasion" As if gay people are simply "Persuaded" to be the way we are! And secondly was NEIL PATRICK HARRIS ever IN the closet??? Did anyone see a little Broadway musical called, RENT??


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